About Prof. Hussein I. El-SubbaghCurrent positionDirector of NMR facility, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University Ph.D. University of Rhode Island, USA, and the University of Mansoura, Egypt in 1988. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry. View Full CV.

About Prof. Abdulla MolokhiaCurrent positionVP, Research and Quality Affairs,Pharco CorporationProfessor, Pharmaceutics

About Assoc. Prof. Ahmed F. El-YazbiCurrent positionBPSc, Ph.D., BCPS, RP (ACP). View Full CV.

About Assoc. Prof. Amira El-YazbiCurrent positionAssociate Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University. View Full CV.

About Assoc. Prof. Amira KhalilCurrent positionAssistant professor, faculty of pharmacy, the British University in Egypt (BUE). View Full CV.

About Prof. Jean PierreSummary Of Present WorkHis interest is directed towards therapeutic nanoparticle-based strategies that do not rely on the “Enhanced Permeability and Retention” effect. Among them, the design of various implants including intracerebral systems is currently achieved. In parallel, the targeting of a particular subset of immune cells, the monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells (M-MDSC),…

About Prof. Martin MichelMartin C. Michel, MD, underwent post-doctoral training in experimental and clinical pharmacology at the University of Essen (1985-1987 and 1990-1993) and at the University of California San Diego (1987-1990). He was Head of the Nephrology and Hypertension Research Laboratory at the University of Essen (1993-2002), Professor and Head of the Department of…

About Prof. John KlassenCurrent positionPh.D. University of Alberta, Canada. Professor of Science Chemistry. Head of the Carbohydrate center, the largest Carbohydrate center in the world. View Full CV.

About Dr. Thamir M. AlshammariPositionsRPh, Ph.D., M.S Advisor, Saudi Food and Drug Authority Executive President. Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice. Senior researcher, Medication Safety Research Chair, King Saud University. Vice-President, International Society of Pharmacovigilance Middle East Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance Consultant View Full CV.

About Prof. Salwa Ahmed ElgebalyCurrent positionDr. Salwa Elgebaly is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Biotech Company Nour Heart, Inc. established in Hartford, CT. The aim of the Company is to develop the new cardioprotective drug Cyclocreatine Phosphate for patients with ischemic heart diseases and the cardiac-derived inflammatory mediator Nourin as an…