Dr. Rasha Wafaie

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Pharm. Dr. Clinical Pharmacist Nancy Mahfouz

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About Prof. Maher El-DomiatyCurrent position Professor of Pharmacognosy Chairman, Committee of the Pharmaceutical sector, SCU Former: Governor of Beni Suef province President, Zagazig University Vice-President, Zagazig University Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Head of Department of Pharmacognosy CEO, Inter. Center of Bio-Availability, Pharm. and Clinical Researches (ICBR)

About Prof. Amr ZakiCurrent positionProfessor of Cardiology View Full CV.

About Dr. Hazem El-MansyCurrent position Lecturer of Oncology, Alexandria Univeristy View Full CV.

About Assoc. Prof Ahmed SoukaCurrent position Associate professor of ophthalmology View Full CV.

About Prof. Nadia M. Hamdy Nadia M. Hamdy M. El Hefny, PhD , Prof. of Biochemistry, Head of Biochemistry Dept. Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University. Dr. Hamdy is a member of the editorial board for “European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences”, “BioMed Research International”, PLOS ONE journals. Dr. Hamdy is a reviewer in…

About Dr. Noha Ahmed El BassiounyDr. Noha Ahmed EL Bassiouny is a lecturer of clinical pharmacy, Faculty of pharmacy, Damnhour university. She graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria university “BSc” GRADE Excellent with honor (2006). View Full CV.

About Prof. Moustafa FahmyCurrent position- Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, and the Dean of Oman College of Health Sciences (OCHS), Sultanate of Oman. View Full CV.

About Prof. Labiba K. El-KhordaguiCurrent PositionLabiba K. El-Khordagui, M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alexandria, Egypt View Full CV.