Abstract Submission

Before submitting the abstract, please read the terms and conditions and procedures of the abstacts

For Professional Category

Academic Faculty / Researchers / Post – Graduate Students: Masters / PhD and Pharm. D. Students who have already earned the Bachelor degree in Pharmacy.

  1. Representative author should confirm his participation in attending the event personally and paying the registration fee. Otherwise, the abstract will be rejected even if the poster code has been assigned.
  2. Preliminary acceptance letter will clearly state that abstract acceptance is conditional and will be completed only after the due fee is paid and the author’s confirmation to attend the event.
  3. After abstract acceptance, the poster in PDF form should be submitted via the Online Poster Form before 15th Septmeber 2024 in order to be included in the competition.

For Undergraduate Student Category

Students studying pharmacy and have not earned any Pharmacy degree at the time the event is being held.

  1. The main author (first one) will be considered as representative author for the poster. Additional names will be considered as co-authors.
  2. Abstract submission will be rejected, if representative author does not confirm participation in attending the event personally even if the poster code was assigned.
  3. Preliminary acceptance letter will clearly state that abstract acceptance is conditional based on the confirmation of representative author attending the event personally.
  4. After abstract acceptance, the poster in PDF form should be submitted via the Online Poster Form before 15th Septmeber 2024 in order to be included in the competition

Poster Certificates

  • For professional posters: ONLY one certificate will be provided for each Professional poster. This will be awarded to the representative author only who has attended and registered for the event.
  • For student posters: all registered authors will be provided with a certificate.


Conference Proceedings and JAPS submission

  • Accepted abstracts will be published as conference proceedings supplement for the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Sciences (JAPS).
  • Authors of accepted abstracts are eligible for a 50% discount on journal submission fees should they choose to publish their work as full-text article.


  • Posters will be evaluated by a panel of distinguished professors, chosen by the Scientific Committee, of the same field and speciality to the presented scientific research work.
  • It is mandatory for the author awarded for the poster to be present at the closing ceremony.

Displaying Posters Guideline

  • Each Poster will be assigned a Display Code at the venue. This information will be displayed in the event area.  Please check the display code at the Poster Area.
  • Some posters will be hanged on day one and others on day two according to PHS-2024 schedule. This information will be sent to authors via e-mail.
  • Posters to be hanged in the designated space in the morning of either day one or day two of the event before 10:00 am.
  • Materials required to hang the poster like glue tack, tape or other adhesive materials etc. will be the author’s responsibility.
  • Authors should be available during breaks to answer questions and take part in discussions.

Poster Format

  • Poster size is 35.4” (0.9 m) width and 59” (1.5 m) height (Potrait/Vertical format only). Note the mounting space on the horizontal will be 100 cm width only.
  • Materials should be mounted on thin, glossy colored poster paper or cardboard and mounted on the poster board under the assigned display code that will be posted on your board prior to setup provided.
  • Posters should be readable from a distance of 1-2 meters.
  • Each poster should have the following:
  • Institution Logos should be clear on top left and right of the poster.
  • Title should be in a large bold font.
  • Author names should be written in a font smaller than the title.
  • Author affiliations should be written in smaller italic font under author names.
  • The email of the corresponding author should be clearly written under author names and affiliations.
  • Clear section headings should be used, such as Introduction or Background, Aim or Objectives, Methodology, Results or Output and Conclusion or Implications.
  • The number of figures and tables should not exceed 6, of homogeneous size. Table titles should be clearly inserted above tables, while figure captions are inserted below figures in italic smaller font. Figures and graphs should be relevant to the content.
  • Most relevant references should also be included and written using reference manager software.
  • Posters that do not conform to the guidelines will not be displayed in the conference.



Preparing for Abstract Submission

Important Information to Know Before Submission

  • Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s). All abstracts are to be written in clear English. Abstracts that are not properly prepared and formatted, are subjected to automatic rejection.
  • All abstracts must be submitted via the Online Abstract Form. Emailed abstracts will not be considered.
  • The presenting author will be notified of the abstract status within two weeks of submission on a rolling basis. Communications will only be sent to the designated presenting author.
  • The presenting author must register for PHS 2024 and pay the registration fees. If the presenting author is not registered, the abstract will be withdrawn and will not be included in the conference e-booklet.

Abstract Format

  • The Abstract should be submitted in Microsoft Word Document format.
  • The abstract is a single paragraph, without subheadings, indentation, or references. It should be an explicit summary of your work that states the problem, the objectives, the methods used, and the major results and conclusions.
  • Abstract title should be brief as possible and accurately reflect the content of the abstract. The title should be typed in bold, font should be Times New Roman, font size 14 pt, single line spacing.
  • The Authors names should be written as follows First Name, Middle Name initials then Last Name (Example: Ali A. Ahmed*). Indicate the presenting author with an (*).
  • Title and author’s name(s), should be in bold, font should be Times New Roman, font size 12 pt.
  • Complete affiliation address (Italics) for every author and corresponding author’s email must be included.
  • Abstract text should be in Times New Roman font size 12 pt, single line spacing.
  • The submitted abstract should not exceed 300 words.
  • The abstract format should include at least 4 keywords.

Abstract submission will be acknowledged via email. If you do not receive an email within two weeks of submission or have any additional queries, please contact the conference coordinator or email us at : sci@phs-eg.com / conferences@rmsolutions.net