“Name: Rasha Wafaie Mahmoud Elsorady Marital state: Married since 2002, have Three children Date of birth: 26/9/1981
Place of birth: Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
– Pharm-D 2008 pharm -D (3) from faculty of pharmacy Alexandria University, dissertation title (Role of Clinical Pharmacist in infection control at ICU at AMUH).
– Masters’ logistics of hospital management thesis (The evaluation of positive impact of the best clinical pharmacy practices for quality and patient safety: Approaching hospital setting at Alexandria main university hospital) 2019 from Arab Academy for science, Technology and Maritime & Logistics Institute.
– Bachelor of pharmacy science from Faculty of pharmacy Minia University. Graduation year: June 2002.
Job: Head of Clinical Pharmacy at Alexandria university hospitals (AUH), Internal medicine and cardiology clinical pharmacy.
Objective: Development & progressing in Clinical Pharmacy field.
I. As clinical pharmacist in AUH:
– At Internal Medicine (Nephrology & Renal transplantation, Geriatrics, Rheumatology, Diabetes, Endocrinology ,GIT, Cardiology , CCU , chest, Hepatology, ICU departments).
– At outpatient clinic & day one chemotherapy clinic (one year).
– At Bone marrow transplantation department (adult) (5 years).
– At Dialysis ICU department (4 year).
– At Toxicology departments (Five years).
II. As Instructor in Faculty of pharmacy AU:

At Clinical Pharmacy practice department PHD students (Total Quality Management module) one year.
clinical pharmacy diploma Geriatrics module (Two years).
At Clinical Pharmacy practice department Masters students (Supply Chain
Management Module).
For pharm d 11 students Cardiology Module (one semester).
III. As community pharmacist:
– El Ghaley Pharmacy (one year).
– El Ezaby pharmacy at Cairo (few months).
– Speaker at Cardio-Alex 2021.
– Speaker at Cardio-Alex 2021.

– Moderator, organizer and chairman for session and workshop at cardio Alex since 2017.
– Moderator and chairman at Nephro-Alex conference2019.
– Speaker at Clinical Pharmacy Conference at Faculty of Pharmacy Alex University, PHS
– Publication of an abstract in European society of cardiology journal 2021, and cardio Alex conference (Prospective Descriptive Study to Evaluate the Impact of Clinical Pharmacist in Antiplatelet Utilization and Safety in Coronary Heart Disease Patients.
– Speaker and chairman at Alhya hospital Conference 2019.
– Supervisor for Pharm –D dissertations (Three dissertations).
– Evaluator for graduation projects for students (faculty of clinical pharmacy Alex
University for four years).
– Evaluator for graduation dissertations (pharm D10) students.
– Trainer for Clinical pharmacy Egyptian Fellowship program students (Cardiology &
– Trainer and organizer for pharm D Alex university students for 7 years.
– Trainer and organizer for diploma clinical pharmacy students for two years.
– Organizer for Clinical pharmacy training program undergraduate students
(Alexandria university) 7years.
– Trainer for faculty of Pharmacy students (Pharose university) 6 years.
– Trainer for faculty of Pharmacy students Arab Academy for science, Technology and
Maritime for 4 years.
– Leadership Program course at Alex Pharmacists syndicate.
– KUC 2018.
– Cardio Alex 2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021.
– Oncology (Adult & Pediatric).

– Pulmonary disorders (Asthma) NAIC congress.
– Nephro Alex 2014,2016,2017,2018.
– Biovision 2010, & 2014 at Bipliotique f Alexandria.
Workshops & seminars:
– Communication skills seminar at Arab Academy for science, Technology and Maritime & Logistics Institute.
– Problem solving & decision-making seminar at Arab Academy for science, Technology and Maritime & Logistics Institute.
– Hospital Pharmacy: Antimicrobial Stewardship & the Formulary process at AMUH.
– AMUH monthly seminar.
Trainings PRE graduate:
– El Ameria pharmaceuticals company.
– Pharco pharmaceutical company.
– Al Ezzaby community pharmacy.
– Marketing workshop at Multi International company.”