Oral Presentation

Before submitting the abstract, please read the terms and conditions as well as procedures to obtain poster codes, display posters, and certification which are mentioned below.

Oral Presentations

  1. Only one author (Presenting Author) and a maximum of 4 co-authors acceptable for posters.
  2. Preliminary acceptance letter will clearly state that poster acceptance within 2 weeks is conditional and will be completed only after the due registration fees is paid and personal attendance of the presenting author is confirmed.
  3. Oral presentation of poster displayed (according to availability):
  • This is an additional facility for poster presenters who are interested to additionally present their poster as an oral presentation.
  • Please note since the time slots are limited, only a few will be selected by the organizers and will be informed individually to the respective authors.
  • Presentation duration and schedule will be advised.
  • Audio-visual facilities (laptop, screen, flip chart) will be provided.
  • Abstract will be published in poster section only.
  1. Schedule of presentation will be available on website and e-booklet.

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author (s). All abstracts are to be written in English and should include a photo of representing author.

  • Abstract title should be in bold, font should be Times New Roman, font size 14pt, single line spacing.
  • The Authors’ names should be written as follows: First Name, Middle Name initials then Last Name (Example: Ali A. Ahmed*). Indicate the presenting author with an (*).
  • Authors’ names should be in bold, font should be Times New Roman, font size 12 pt.
  • Complete affiliation address (Italics) for every author and corresponding author’s email must be included.
  • Abstract text should be in Times New Roman font size 12 pt, single line spacing.
  • The submitted abstract should not exceed 300 words.
  • The abstract format should include 4 keywords at least.
  • The abstract that you submit will be considered to be your final abstract.